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Meeting Time and Location:

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at:

the RED ROOM of ACT 11 Theatre,

300 Insurgentes,

corner of Basillo Badillo

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon every Saturday morning.

The ACT 11 Theatre is located on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes

There is ample parking for those who drive.


Our weekly agenda is determined by group moderator Colin Hamilton. You can reach Colin via email in the Contact section, and you can also request time on the weekly agenda by filling out a simple form in the Meetings section.

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The PVWG is an open group—there are no membership dues or attendance requirements. Anyone is free to attend our weekly meetings, and to sign up as a member of the website.

You can email a member by going to the Members page, using the Search Members feature and then clicking on the name of the Member. A form to send an Email will appear.

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This section includes articles that provide helpful information on the art and craft of writing and editing, and information on markets, contests, and other avenues for getting your work published.

Products and services that help writers accomplish these goals will also be posted here.


When the Writers Group sponsors a special event, such as a Book Signing or a Writing Workshop, this is the section where that information will be posted.

As well, if you know of something happening in Puerto Vallarta that would be of interest to members of the Writer’s Group, especially literary and cultural events, these can be posted here.

Members who are away from PV and are involved in events elsewhere that would be of interest to our membership can also let us know of these events in this section.

Click on the Events section and follow the instructions to request a posting.


Upcoming events, meetings and the Mexico Holidays are posted.


Here’s the place to learn about the history of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group.


Need help getting around the website? Unsure which section an item should be posted to? Have an idea on how to enhance the website? Concerned about any of the website’s contents? You’ll want to be in contact with the Website Liaison.

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4 thoughts on “PVWG – Home

  1. Dear PVWG:
    The online disability literature journal, “Wordgathering,” published the finale of my two-part essay on African American poets with disabilities:


    The link to my essay is active until the September issue is published then you will have to go into the online archive of wordgathering.com for the June 2013 issue.

    I premiered the essay at the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group’s Tuesday workshop on January 8, 2013 at Biblioteca Los Mangos. I would like to thank all of the PVWG members who encouraged me to tell my stories as live performances. I performed my first story “Little Arsonists” in front of a mic on stage under a revival tent before a seated crowd outside of the Bay Area Storytellers festival in Richmond, California in May. You can see an early version of this story on You Tube. I performed this at the Grand Lake Coffee House in Oakland last May.


    Enjoy and thank you for all of your encouragement.

    Andre Le Mont Wilson

  2. Thanks to members of the Puerto Vallarta Writer’s Group, I listened to their suggestion that I should perform live my “Ghost And Poets” essay I read excerpts to them at their Tuesday workshop on January 8, 2013. Here is my You Tube video of my performance they encouraged. I performed it at the Air Lounge in Oakland five months after I premiered it in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy and thank you for your encouragement.


  3. Right here at Vallarta Paradise. I am looking for friends, artists, writers and local people for a book. This sea paradise is the center of the sky. Also, I am interested in Liz and Dick haouse restoration for museum, Is that possible. Busco amigos y colegas. Estoy viviendo en esta ciudad especial. Saludos.

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