Meeting Time and Location:

NOTE:  Meetings are cancelled until the fall of 2016

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at:

the RED ROOM of ACT II Theatre,
300 Insurgentes,  corner of Basilio Badillo
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon every Saturday morning.

The ACT II Theatre is located on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes.
There is very little parking for those who drive.   Better to take a taxi or a city bus.

Our weekly agenda is determined by the group moderator.
You can reach the moderator via email on the Contact page.

Members – Registration, Newsletter, Email & Information

The PVWG is an open group—there are no membership dues or attendance requirements.
Anyone is free to attend our weekly meetings, and to sign up as a member of the website.

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Members Area on the website

On the Members Area page, you will find a Search members feature that will provide information about the member. The information that appears is provided by the member when registering, and can be updated at any time in the member Admin section.

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Meeting Issues

Want to speak at one of our meetings?

For questions relating to our meetings, click on the  Contact link and then use the FIRST form to send a message to the Moderator.

Website Issues

For technical questions, or to report a malfunction, click on the  Contact link and then use the SECOND form to send a message to the Webmaster.

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The PVWG Blog has a variety of stories and articles written by our members,  information about upcoming special events, as well as news that might be of interest to authors.

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Events Calendar

When the Writers Group sponsors a special event, such as a Book Signing or a Writing Workshop, here is where that information will be posted.

As well, if you know of something happening in Puerto Vallarta that would be of interest to members of the Writers Group, especially literary and cultural events, these can be posted here.

Members who live away from PV and are involved in events elsewhere that would be of interest to our membership can also let us know of these events.

Upcoming events, meetings and many of the Mexico Holidays are also posted.

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Events Calendar


The Resources section includes articles that provide helpful information on the art and craft of writing and editing,  information on markets and contests, and other avenues for getting your work published.

Products and services that help writers accomplish these goals will also be posted here.

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Book Store

The PVWG website has a Book Store for our member authors to advertise their books for sale.

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Authors can add their book information themselves by going to the Members page and …
1. do a search for your name
2. click on your name to view your Member Profile
3. click on the link ‘Update Info’ to the right of your name on your Profile
4. enter your email address and password, click on Submit
5. in the Members Admin area,  and in the section entitled ‘Add New Product in PVWG Store’, click on the ‘Add Product’ link
6. complete the form that appears with the info about your book or product.